Inventory taking
is now fun!

Much faster

Incomparably easier

No manual work

Secure data

free test

Inventory taking
in now fun!

Much faster

Incomparably easier

No manual work

Secure data

free test

What is INVENT?

INVENT is a solution for contactless inventory taking, based on the modern RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. RFID is based on “reading” information from a microchip which is embedded in a compact label or tag. Such a label is affixed to every single asset or item. A specialized mobile terminal is used for scanning. It reads the tags very fast, from a big distance and even without direct line of sight.

INVENT is a stand-alone solution designed specifically the inventory taking process. It is compatible with every accounting software or ERP, based on file exchange or low-level integration.

We guarantee that inventoring with INVENTis better that any other option!

A small example: A middle-sized bank branch is inventoried in less than 15 minutes – with no work interruptions.
The results are immediately available in electronic format – no need of writing, reconciliation, etc.

What’s in the package?


The latest technologies for the best comfort and security

The software is installed on a server and can be used with any web-browser (Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Edge). You can use it on any connected computer, regardless of whether or not are in the local network or internet.
The interface is clean and functional: you can easily search, filter and sort the data.
With a button-click you can export the screen data to Excel or CSV.


  • Compatible with any accounting or ERP software
  • Neat and functional user interface
  • Fast export to Excel and CSV
  • Browser based – no installation and settings
  • Fast import for data update
  • User groups for control of access


Inventorying with your smartphone – it is now possible!

All you need to start is a smartphone, RFID Bluetooth reader and, of course, RFID labels on the assets.
You don’t need cables – everything happens online in real time.
The Bluetooth reader is a novelty as well – a lightweight and ergonomic device.
The speed of scanning is really fast and the distance is few meters – even without line of sight.


  • Standard smartphone is used
  • Lightweight and comfortable mobile device
  • Works online in real time
  • Easy and smart interface
  • Can read and write RFID labels
  • NFC can also be used instead of RFID

How it works?

Initial data processing

We start with your file with assets – could be any file (Excel table, for instance). We process it and prepare the labels. We can print logo, asset no., serial no., name, etc. We print them, encode them, and sort them – you receive the labels ready to stick.

Installation of INVENT Web

We install the main software on the server (or you can use it preinstalled on our cloud). Next comes the import of the asset and location data. Create users.
The solution is ready to go!

Installation of INVENT Smart

We install the app on an Android or iOS smartphone. Connect to the server. Connect to the Bluetooth reader.
We are ready for our first contactless inventory taking!


INVENT is easy and intuitive, but, before you start, we want to share our experience with you. We will teach you how to use it in the most efficient way and show you the best practices for contactless inventorying.
Now we are ready to go!

Asset tagging

Of course, you need to tag your assets for all of this to work. You stick the labels we prepared for you. It is a good idea to do the tagging in several batches throughout the year so you are ready for the yearly inventory taking.

Data export

At any time, you can export the data of your assets in Excel or CSV format.
INVENT can integrate with any other software – if it is also capable.


Now the inventory taking lasts hours or even minutes, instead of days or months.

INVENT is totally rebuilt and new. We develop it with the help of our long years of experience and the feedback from our clients.

Our customers

State Institutions

  • Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
  • Prosecution Office of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Civil Aviation Administration
  • Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority
  • Sofia Airport
  • Supreme Judicial Council
  • National Social Insurance Institute
  • National Statistical Institute
  • National Health Insurance Fund
  • Bulgarian National Radio

Financial institutions

  • Raiffeisen bank Bulgaria
  • Post bank Bulgaria
  • Societe Generale Express Bank
  • Bulgarian American Credit Bank
  • Bulgarian Development Bank
  • CIbank Bulgaria
  • Generali Bulgaria

Private companies

  • BILLLA Bulgaria
  • BILLLA Slovakia
  • Schneider electric Bulgaria
  • Schneider electric Lithuania
  • William Hill Bulgaria
  • Galaxy Investment
  • Cargill Bulgaria
  • 60k Bulgaria
  • Telerik
  • DHL


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